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I'm just going to re-post this list of folks without comment

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Moving this back up a bit on the hit parade keep them coming in...
This partial list of upstanding conservatives was posted by a Steven Jandreau in the comments over at The Raw Story. I've added links to some, which are below.

NEW! Bernard Kerik (the almost-head of Homeland Security) - Three failed marriages, simultaneous affairs, political corruption
Jim Bakker – adultery
Jimmy Swaggart – adultery
Bob Dole - adultery
Ann Coulter – “Let’s say I go out every night, I meet a guy have sex with him. Good for me. I’m not married.” Rivera Live
Helen Chenoweth (R – Idaho) – serial adultery
Sue Myrick (R- N.C.) - adultery
Henry Hyde – adultery
Bob Barr – adultery
Dan Burton – adultery
Bob Livingstone – adultery
Bob Packwood – sexual harassment
Steve Symms – (R- Idaho) – serial adultery
Newt Gingrich – adultery
Beverly Russell – (S. Carolina) – child molestation
Jim Bunn – (R – Oregon) – adultery
Jim Nussle – (R – Iowa) – adultery
Joe Scarborough – (R- Florida) – adultery
John McLaughlin – sexual harassment
Tim Hutchinson (R – Arkansas) – adultery
Rudy Giuliani –adultery
George Roche III – adultery with his son’s wife
Earl Kimmerling – child molestation
Mike Trout – adultery
Mike Bowers – adultery
Richard Delgaudio - (he brought us Paula Jones) – child pornography
Ken Calvert – arrested for engaging with a prostitute
Matt Glavin – homosexual indecent exposure
Deal Hudson – sexual harassment of a female student
Edward L. Schrock (R-Va.) – married but solicited sex from male homosexual
Philip Giordano – sexual child abuse
Randal David Ankeney – attempted sexual assault on a child
Robert Bauman – homosexual sex with a minor
John Hathaway – sex with a minor
Stephen White – soliciting a 14 year old boy
Jon Matthews – indecency with a child
Earl “Butch” Kimmerling – child molestation
Paul Ingram – incest
Andrew Buhr – sodomy with a 12 year old boy
Keith Westmoreland – indecency with minors
John Allen Burt – molesting a minor
Parker J. Bena – child pornography
Larry Jack Schwarz – child pornography
Robin Vanderwall – soliciting sex with minors of both sexes
Marty Glickman – unlawful sexual activity with a minor
Dan Crane – sex with a minor (a Congressional page)
Donald “Buz” Lukens – sex with a minor
First Lady Laura Bush - Manslaughter
Vice President Dick Cheney - Draft dodger
Entertainer Rush Limbaugh - Drug abuse
Entertainer Bill O'Reilly - Sexual harassment
Outgoing Attorney General John Ashcroft - Draft dodger
CA Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger - Serial groping, sexual harassment, drug abuse
Former South Dakota Gov Bill Janklow - Manslaughter
Former Drug Czar Bill Bennett - Gambling addiction
Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert - Draft dodger
Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey - Draft dodger
House Majority Leader Tom Delay - Draft dodger
Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist - Cruelty to animals
Rep. David Dreier - Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies
Rep. Mark Foley - Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies
Prospective RNC Head Ken Mehlman - Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies
TV evangelist Paul Crouch - Closeted gay who supports anti-gay policies, accused of bilking flock
  • George Bush - Military desertion, insider trading, drug abuse
    Laura Bush - Murder
    Rush Limbaugh - Drug abuse
    Bill O'Reilly - Sexual harassment
    Bob Dole - Adultery (during his first marriage - reported in a Vanity Fair profile in '96)
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Serial groping, sexual abuse, drug abuse
    Bill Janklow - Murder
    Bill Bennett - Gambling addiction

    By Jon in West Hollywood, at 10:22 PM  
  • Keep 'em coming...

    By Pam, at 10:43 PM  
  • Thanks for the list. I found more names on links from Kos. Is there a grand, referenced master list anywhere? Think we could buy a huge ad in papers around the country to point out these Repubs hypocrisies?

    Oh, and don't forget Katrina Heung, a powerful Republican donor and party activist, having affairs with two FBI agents, while at the same time acting as a double agent, on the FBI payroll and providing classified information to the Chinese. And another Republican traitor, Robert Hansen, was a conservative Christian pervert and convicted spy. Great Republican values.

    Let's round all these up on one well referenced site, eh?

    By Anonymous, at 5:43 PM  
  • There is no "master list" other than what is here, so if folks want to post to add more (providing links to source docs would be nice too), please do so. We want to get it up in some sort of database form so people can add to it that way.

    By Pam, at 6:13 PM  
  • Sure, you could buy a huge ad.

    Then, the next day, you would see reprinted every single quote of Democrats made during the Clinton impeachment about how commenting on peoples' sex life was wrong, it was OK for Clinton to be a hypocrite, and how they would never do such a thing as to air peoples' dirty laundry in public.

    Chalk up yet another Democratic Party flip-flop.

    By North Dallas Thirty, at 1:55 PM  
  • Jeff,

    I wasn't blogging back during the days of Monica, but anyone who knew me back then knows I didn't give Clinton a break on that whole debacle. On this topic, I am consistent. I don't like hypocrisy on either side of the aisle. The Right deserves even more grief because they are so publicly sanctimonious and judgmental about others in this vein. They try to corner the market on "values" when they have, at best, a tenuous grasp of morals when it comes to their own behavior.

    By Pam, at 2:17 PM  
  • As my father always puts it, Pam, exposing a hypocrite is ridiculously redundant -- they do it themselves. Moreover, you can't argue against someone for doing something, then do it yourself -- I think that falls under the "he hit me first" fallacy.

    You want the electorate to stop being obsessed with sex scandals? Quit bringing them up yourself.

    By North Dallas Thirty, at 6:39 PM  
  • S'OK, Jeff. Agree to disagree on this one, as usual. :)

    By Pam, at 6:45 PM  
  • Jeff, your observation is spot-on! I remember well those halcyon days of the Clinton Administration. Hardly a day went by when Clinton or members of his administration were lecturing all of us on morality. They were always telling us what the right kind of marriage was, demonizing gay people, and using "moral values" as a political wedge. It was a non-stop sanctimoniousapalooza!

    (Whoops! I forgot to turn off the SNARK LOCK key as I typed that...)

    By "Radical" Russ, at 9:10 PM  

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