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Looks like Maya Keyes kicked her closet door open -- and her dad has no mercy

Friday, February 04, 2005

Compassion doesn't begin at home with the Keyes.

Maya is the daughter of wingnut supreme (and the doormat Baraka Obama wiped his feet on before heading to the Senate) Alan Keyes. Oliver Willis points out that Maya has officially come out of the closet, and her family kicked her out. So much for compassionate conservatism. She'll land on her feet. If HRC or the NGLTF has any sense, they'll sign her up to speak out on a national level about the hypocrisy of the allegedly religious Right. There's nothing more disgusting than your family rejecting you for simply being yourself. In the Keyes house, the vice is being a "selfish hedonist," like Mary Cheney. From Maya's blog:
Well, it's happened. Finally and officially.

A couple days ago I got my official two-week warning that I have to be out of this apartment; so finally for real I'm getting cut off. I got no severance or anything like that from my sudden termination of employment (don't I have freedom of speech? the right to protest Bush without losing my job? Hehe... most people would think that working under a parent would be security but for me it's quite the opposite.) and so I definitely don't have anywhere near enough cash to find a new apartment; not even one room rented from someone anywhere. I've been searching craigslist but even places where I'd have enough to pay the first month's rent on some room I never have enough for the deposit as well, so so far I've had no luck at all finding a new home, since shelter requires money. Sad boo.

After all the arguments and tension over the years, I always hoped it would never actually get to this point, although I suppose given our vastly divergent political beliefs it was inevitable.
She's going to be speaking at an Equality Maryland event.
Maya Marcel Keyes, the self-described queer activist who is also daughter of ultra-conservative Alan Keyes, whose recent campaign for senator from Illinois included his calling Mary Cheney a "hedonist." Maya group up in Montgomery County and will certainly have some interesting things to say about living with someone who is so outspoken in his opposition to gay rights.
Alan Keyes needs to take a good look in the mirror.

  • This makes me physically ill. So much for family values.


    By Anonymous, at 8:29 AM  
  • On the known scale of stupid, it is said that he who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool, avoid him.

    I cannot find the appropriate tag to describe Alan Keyes' hypocritical reaction to his daughter's sexual orientation.

    By Anonymous, at 10:59 PM  
  • good al keys is my hero. I voted for him he is one of the few normal blacks and im imbarrised illinois voted for a liberal nigger like obamb. damn coke head

    By Anonymous, at 1:51 AM  
  • I just love it when ignorant poor white trash hide behind the anonymity of the computer, and launch outrageous insults at giants in the African American community. What you have accomplished in your lifetime, sir? What legacy can you leave your progeny beyond the stupidy inherent in your racist commentary? Calling Sen. Obama, a highly accomplished trial lawyer whom is actually biracial, "a liberal nigger" is just as low as one can get. Such are the times in these United States where the kooks [klu klan] types start emrging from the dank, dark cervices where they hide like roaches in the night until the political climate becomes amenable to this type of intolerant, prejudiced sentiment.

    By Anonymous, at 11:59 PM  

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