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AFA columnist pits blacks against gays in Alabama race

Monday, August 28, 2006

I love how the fundies know exactly how to read the recent Patricia Todd/Gaynell Hendricks dustup over the Alabama House District 54 race. And it looks like Joe Murray (Mr. Sodomy Squadron) wants to make it all about civil rights as a zero-sum game with the evil homos pushing blacks out of office and raising the rainbow flag over the last bastion of "Christianity", the Deep South.

Jeezus, how transparent is this BS? (AgapePress):
The Todd story shows there is a power shift occurring in the Democratic Party. Homosexual activists are marching out of strongholds such as San Francisco, South Beach, and Provincetown, and they have their eyes set on other places, such as the Land of Cotton. It is not a coincidence that Howard Dean took great interest in this obscure Alabama race, for Patricia Todd stands to be Alabama's first lesbian representative -- and this will be seen as a major victory in cultural politics. Dean understands the new look of the party he chairs.

And while it may be true that some party bosses, such as Joe Reed, may be worried that District 54 will become a Michael Jackson district (i.e., once black and now white), the crux of this controversy centered on tensions between black and gay ambitions. Black Democrats are not eager to embrace the homosexual agenda. Just look at Miss Childress' complaint.

Conservatives need to take notice of this situation, for it is now happening in our backyards. This is not a tale emanating from the Northeast or Left Coast; it has its roots in the heart of Dixie. What is happening? How could a family values state like Alabama become a branch office of the Victory Fund? These questions must be answered.

Understand this -- the homosexual lobby is on a quest to raise its rainbow flag over every state house in the Union. Blacks in the South are now learning this lesson, for their party is on the receiving end of a forcible makeover. Make no mistake, Todd was a trophy candidate; a candidate funded by the gay lobby, and her victory signals the Democratic wind is blowing in a new direction. Gays in, blacks out.
That last bullsh*t is horrifying. I read that back to Kate and she nearly went apoplectic.

No, Joe, Todd won the race legitimately and black kingmakers who were unhappy with the outcome tried to overturn it -- are you advocating this kind of reaction if gays win races outright? Maybe you're prefer the "Diebold method" to ensure the "right" outcome.

We have to paint a picture for feeble minds like Murray -- civil rights aren't a limited quantity, to be doled out in portions with the fear of running out. He refers to "pro-homosexual bloggers were giddy with the news that Dean had called eight times during the meeting and been on the phone with Yellowhammer Democrats all week."

I guess that I'm one of those pro-homosexual bloggers...then again, I'm black as well -- how does that fit into Murray's little scenario?

His other scenario, as we've seen with the Rovian/Mehlman tactics over the last couple of years, is to try and woo the religious black community and turn social conservatism into votes.
Traditionalists must recognize this rift and bring the message of traditional values to the newly dejected black southern Democrat. Traditionalists must offer blacks a new home by using the issues of marriage protection, life, and school choice. Traditionalists must show southern blacks there is an alternative to the Democratic Machine -- that it is a reason to break ranks with the likes of the NAACP.
Kathy has more on this knob-end's column.


The question is, will this courting of blacks work? No one really knows, but the GOP is going to beat this like a dead horse while the Dems squirm about addressing homophobia in the religious black community.

It's the elephant in the room (irony there) that the Dems, as I've blogged about before, don't want to address because it swirls around race and the unwillingness to discuss the "tough stuff" for fear of offending defensive blacks. That fear's logical conclusion is that religious blacks may turn to the GOP -- who talk up a good game about moral values and throw faith-based cash around.

The GOP has managed to appeal to a growing number of black pastors, if not the flock. It's planting the seed, hoping those pastors in the pulpit can sway the people in the pews on the "values" issues (as spun by the GOP).

It hasn't worked in the past because the GOP cannot manage to eradicate the institutionalized racism in its policies, politics and populace. It's like an old comfortable shoe that the party turns to time and again. The sad truth is the GOP could gain broader appeal among many blacks and other minorities on if it truly wanted to, because Dems have taken those votes for granted time after time.

Ken Mehlman's job of courting minorities might be a lot easier if he didn't have to stand behind this disaster of a president. The GOP wants to scrape any votes it can from that demo -- our country is so polarized and elections are close; even a small shift is meaningful. As you can see, they always find black fundie pastors to buy off and hope that they can spew poisonous bigotry from the pulpit.

Dems can't sit tight and think religious black votes will never cross over and vote GOP if the Dems are unwilling to address 1) black homophobia and 2) perceived anti-religious sentiment in its party.

As we've seen, the Dems aren't good at addressing #2 either, since the idea of outreach is for Dean to go on The 700 Club. It's as if the only "religious" people are the fundies watching Crazy Pat.

What Karl Rove and the GOP are aware of (and the Dems have trouble with), is that the religious left is weak because such a vocal and powerful segment of the party is comprised of secular voters and non-believers. The one thing that has been proven on the right is that it is much easier to shape the views and mobilize a captive audience (fervent churchgoers), than to wrangle all the factions — as the Dems have to do.

A recent Pew poll confirms this : Many Americans Uneasy with Mix of Religion and Politics: 69% Say Liberals Too Secular, 49% Say Conservatives Too Assertive.
The Democratic Party continues to face a serious “God problem,” with just 26% saying the party is friendly to religion. However, the proportion of Americans who say the Republican Party is friendly to religion, while much larger, has fallen from 55% to 47% in the past year, with a particularly sharp decline coming among white evangelical Protestants (14 percentage points).

...On the left, a larger share of the public (32%) identifies as "liberal or progressive Christians." But unlike evangelicals, progressive Christians come from different religious traditions and disagree almost as often as they agree on a number of key political and social issues.
At least the GOP is losing its stranglehold on believers as well.