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'Former homo' Hartline torches Crazy Lou Sheldon

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CaliTaliban "ex-gay" freakshow James Hartline goes for the jugular of unhinged Traditional Values Coalition head Lou Sheldon in the latest installment of "The James Hartline Report."

The screed, entitled, "Apostasy 101: How Rev. Lou Sheldon & Traditional Values Coalition Betrayed Christianity in 2006 California Governor's Race," is one satisfying train wreck to read.

One major Christian organization is now demonstrating that the great falling away, known in most Christian churches as the great apostasy, is well underway. Traditional Values Coalition claims as its organizational slogan, "Empowering People Of Faith Through Knowledge." Founded in 1980 by the Reverend Lou Sheldon, TVC claims to be the largest non-denominational grassroots church lobby in America. Rev. Sheldon and his group claim on their website to speak on behalf of 43,000 churches in America, emphasizing "the restoration of values needed to maintain strong, unified families, focusing on issues such as religious liberties, marriage, the right to life, the homosexual agenda, pornography, family tax relief and education."

A bombshell was dropped this week during the California State Republican Convention when it was reported in the press that a longtime Sheldon staffer is now working for the reelection of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the biggest anti-christian supporters of homosexuality and abortion in the American government. Hypocrisy and betrayal are not strong enough terms to describe Sheldon and his staffer's great sellout of the cause of Christ on this matter. Only the term apostasy will do.

Hints of Rev. Sheldon's betrayal of the cause of Christ really began to unfold in 2005 when he began fawning over Governor Schwarzenegger's appointment of lesbian abortion activist Susan Kennedy as the governor's Chief of Staff. In a move that reinforced Schwazenegger's rabid support of the radical gay agenda, Kennedy, who lives with her lesbian sex partner, was chosen by the governor to become the most powerful gay activist in his administration.

...Sheldon's soft pedaling on Kennedy would seem to run counter to the regular press relseases that the outspoken minister publishes regarding his stand against the radical gay agenda. Why would Sheldon build an organization that stands against homosexuality and abortion, but then compromise that same stand when dealing with the Republican Party and the liberal anti-christian governor of California? Perhaps money may play a pivotal role in Sheldon's fluctuating position on morality.
Oh, he digs deeper; this man is pissed at Sheldon, who has to be one of the most virulent homo-haters out there, seeing homo pedophiles around every corner. Here's a refresher on some of Lou's scare tactics on his site, look at the green-tinted pedophile in the banner...:

Hartline bleats on:
It seems that the Rev. Lou Sheldon has granted himself temporary amnesia on all of Schwarzenegger's homosexual and abortion activism. It would also seem that the amnesia is spreading to his staff as well. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ben Lopez, the Traditional Values Coalition's state lobbyist, has taken a temporary leave of absence from the ministry so that he can work directly for the Schwarzenegger reelection campaign
Wingnut Lopez, who was supposed to shore up the governor's relationship with the fundies, was just fired from the Governator's campaign, so Hartline's probably doing the happy dance right now. But he doesn't let up on Crazy Lou...
It is clear, according to numerous media sources, that Rev. Sheldon is now taking all of the database on Christians that he has gathered over the years via his public campaigns against homosexuality and turning it over to the California Republican Party to access for the reelection of a governor that has destroyed the Christian moral foundation of the state of California. Sheldon's betrayal to the cause of Christ is one of great modern portrayals of Judas in church history and the long term effect on Christian credibility is overwhelming and devastating.
Check out Hartline's bio if you click over there. The man really needs to team up with Porno Petey (who recently left/was booted from the Illinois Family Institute)...
James Hartline is the least likely man to change a city, but that is exactly what he is doing. From fighting illegal porn stores to exposing the corruption within the homosexual agenda, James is being used to confront the powers of darkness in San Diego, California.
Hat tip, Autumn


Wait! I have some bonus Hartline batsh*ttery. He's over at AgapePress STILL complaining about San Diego Pride -- this time over students who were taken to the event by teachers.
He believes these pro-homosexual events are generally pornographic and that they are frequented by militant sodomites.
This is evidenced, the Christian activist says, "by the numerous triple-X porn companies that have vendors [at the San Diego Pride events], the distribution of condoms and sexual lubricants, and also just the really perverted sex classes that go on to teach people about S&M sex."

For example, Hartline recalls, the San Diego Pride organizers had a tent exhibit this year called 'the Leather Room.' In this tent, he says, "they actually were demonstrating piercings and other really grotesque types of sado-masochism."

Hartline says he feels the teachers with the San Diego Cooperative Charter School exhibited "gross disregard for the safety of children" when they brought students to the city's 2006 "gay pride" parade. The charter school is a K-8 institution in the San Diego Unified School District, and he believes the teachers had no business bringing young children into such a depraved and pornographic environment.