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Joe Murray, Man-on-Dog, and the Buggery Blitzkrieg

Monday, August 07, 2006

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Our boy Joe "Sodomy Squadron" Murray is back with a new name for The Homosexual Agenda -- The Buggery Blitzkrieg.

In an AgapePress column, Joe's got his knickers in a twist over the fact that Pennsylvania's Little Ricky Santorum, fearing his re-election campaign is circling the drain, signed a sexual orientation non-discrimination letter by the Gender Public Advocacy Coalition assuring that he believes in equal opportunity for homos in his office.

This was just too much to bear for this homobigot:

Rick Santorum, the darling of the social conservatives and two-term senator clinging to his job like a shopper to a garment at a blue-light special, has signed the pledge guaranteeing that Ru-Paul's employment application is welcomed at his office; a pledge Arlen Specter has not even signed.

...What does Rick Santorum have to gain by placing his John Hancock on this statement? Does he really think that the same homosexual lobby that has hitched its bandwagon to Bob Casey, Jr. is really going to mosey on over to the man who once compared the "fundamental right" of sodomy to incest and bestiality?
Well he's got that right, what appeal does Santorum hold for gays with his long history of anti-gay advocacy? Murray, who served as national director of correspondence for Pat Buchanan's failed 2000 presidential bid continues with the over-the-top military symbolism.
...The Buggery Blitzkrieg that started in 2003 came fast and furious. Not unlike the French of World War II, traditionalists were quickly overrun and astonished at the lightening-fast strike that came from the homosexual lobby. From Lawrence v. Texas to Gavin Newsom's weddings by the bay, traditionalists were overwhelmed by the war that was unleashed on them.

Judge Marshall and her Massachusetts' Supremes added cover to the Buggery Blitzkrieg, permitting homosexual groups to go on the offensive, subvert the will of the people by way of the Judiciary, and force traditionalists to fight on the terms the homosexual lobby had established. But every blitzkrieg must meet its Battle of Britain, where its weakness is exposed and its tide reversed.

What was the weakness of the Buggery Blitzkrieg? Despite its fast and furious assault, it could not undo the laws of nature. While it is true that the attack initially leveled the walls protecting the institutions established to foster traditional marriage, such accomplishments began to disappear as quickly as they came.

...At a time when the American public was fleeing same-sex nuptials' cause like George Michael a London park, why would Santorum sign a propaganda pledge that bestows legitimacy to a cause Santorum has long fought? Why bolster your opponents at a time when you have them on the ropes? Why let the enemy impose his will on you? This author knows no answer to these questions; one hopes Santorum does.

* Bring on the Sodomy Squadron!