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The parenting nightmares continue

Thursday, August 17, 2006

This sick sh*t just doesn't stop surfacing; you have to wonder what doesn't manage to get reported in the MSM.

Where are the fundies on these cases? Oh that's right, they are hard at work trying to keep gays and lesbians from adopting or fostering kids. My bad...

* Woman accused of helping her boyfriend rape her disabled daughter. This Michigan girl is 11 years old and has cerebral palsy. Her 30 year old mother let her 18-year-old boyfriend not only rape the child, but the two took pictures of the girl in sexually explicit positions. (H/t, ImpeachBush.)

* Marin County, CA: A registered sex offender used his 7-year-old daughter's sleepovers to molest young girls, a police detective testified Monday. The detective said Robert Alan Girard, 64, inappropriately touched 4 girls ages 6 to 8 while they were in his home on Montecillo Road in Terra Linda from January 2003 to March of this year....the girl, identified as Jane Doe No. 1, said Girard came into his daughter's bedroom to give her a massage. She told investigators that the daughter told her to remove her pajamas so that Girard could give her a massage, and after that he molested her.

* In Belize: A 15-year-old girl is back with her mother after she was raped by her own father and another man. Police have not revealed the name of the man, now under arrest, out of consideration for his daughter. Orange Walk Police have however revealed the name of another man, also under arrest, who forced the girl to have sex with him after she fled her mother's house.

None of these horrifying cases has anything to do with heterosexuality, of course. But there is no call to regulate the rights of straight folks to have children based on the fact that some heterosexuals, clearly do not deserve to be anywhere near a child. One cannot judge a person's character or ability to care for and love a child based on orientation alone, but that's exactly what goes on in many states where the rights of gays and lesbians are constantly under attack when it comes to their ability to adopt of foster children who need loving homes.

An aside: while homobigot and -- Illinois law enforcement officer -- Guy Adams is pulling winged monkeys out of his posterior about sex with infants is all the rage among gays, I don't see any homos in this news story: Pigeon Forge man charged with trying to molest, kidnap toddler. The creep in Tennessee also fondled himself while looking under a 10-year-old's skirt just before trying to snatch a two-year-old. The father was able to stop him.

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